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Borobudur Temple in Java, Indonesia | Romantic Activity | Romantic Things To Do

Romantic view from Borobudur temple in Java, Indonesia

This romantic activity recommendation and photo is by Laura from

At a glance: Waking up at the crack of dawn together doesn’t sound romantic, especially if you aren’t morning people, however watching the sun rise from the steps of Borobudur temple in Java, Indonesia is worth getting up for, just maybe don’t have a late one the night before! Take your torch and climb up the steps to the top level of this UNESCO site in the darkness, hand in hand with your loved one and await a magical experience. Take a seat on the edge of upper platform facing back the way you’ve just entered from and spend some time relaxing together before the new day begins. As you watch the dawn begin to break marvel at the sky changing colour as the landscape of Java appears below you. With the sun rising up from behind the forest beyond, the beautiful temple of Borobudur will start to be illuminated in front of you. After the sun has risen you can explore this temple before the crowds arrive admiring the various Buddha statues and intricately carved reliefs depicting daily life and spiritual beings. Take some time to appreciate the views of the surrounding mountains and forest, on a clear morning you can see for miles. The sunrise pass to Borobudur also includes breakfast on the terrace to complete your perfect morning. If you want to learn more about the Borobudur temple consider hiring a guide, they can show you the perfect spot for sunrise, answer any questions you may have about the largest Buddhist temple in the world and be a great photographer for any lovely couple shots you may want as a memento.

Highlights of this romantic activity include:

♥ Watching the start of a new day together with a beautiful sunrise is the most romantic way to start the day.

♥ Explore an amazing temple together hand in hand and marvel at the awesome views Budget: $ when exploring without a guide, $$ with a guide ($ = budget $$ = Medium $$$ = Luxury) Address: Jl. Badrawati, Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Click on the button below to for more information on this romantic activity in Java, Indonesia:

Click here for more information on this romantic activity in Java Indonesia

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