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Death Valley National Park | Romantic Things To Do in California

Death Valley's Sand Dunes at Sunset

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Death Valley's Sand Dunes at Sunset Visiting a National Park might not be the first idea to come to mind when planning a romantic trip somewhere, but there’s really nothing like the beauty of nature to seal in a romantic experience with the one you love. Death Valley National Park in California is particularly beautiful for this, because the solitude and dramatic landscapes of the desert lend themselves to be very romantic places to visit. You can spend days exploring what the park has to offer since it is one of the largest and most diverse National Parks in the United States. Spend some time hiking some of its mountains and canyons or visiting its massive dry lake beds like the Racetrack. The most romantic experience though is experiencing Death Valley’s sand dunes at sunset. Go to the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes to watch the sunset behind the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the distance. There's nothing quite like it. Deep reds and pinks behind California’s epic mountain range, all from the top of your own sand dune.

What makes Death Valley National park the ultimate romantic getaway?

♥ The crowds are minimal in Death Valley

♥ The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes are easily accessible, and the sunsets at this location are dramatic and beautiful.

♥ There are hotels and campgrounds inside the park that allow easy access to some of Death Valley’s best attractions, including the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

From sand dunes to mountaintops, you’ll be sure to find romance in Death Valley. Be sure to visit in the winter time or spring time for optimal temperatures, and better yet, plan your visit during one of Death Valley’s famous wildflower seasons. Budget: $ Address: Death Valley National Park (11,786.80 km)92328 Furnace Creek, California Click on the button below for more information on Death Valley National Park.

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