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Chefchaouen, the blue town in Morocco’s Rif mountains

Chefchaouen, the blue town in Morocco’s Rif mountains

This romantic travel recommendation and photo is by Ellis Veen from

Chefchaouen, the blue town in Morocco’s Rif mountains was one of the most romantic places I have been in Morocco.

Chefchaouen will not disappoint those who want some quality time together. For the adventurous couples the Rif mountains are just around the corner. However, there is a big chance the town itself will pamper the two of you so much that it will be hard to leave.Tourists often stay longer than planned, because the small town has so much to offer, especially for couples travelling together.​ Although it got a well-deserved place on travellers itineraries, it remains a calm and peaceful place.

What makes Chefchauoen a romantic place to visit? ♥ Hiking up to the Spanish mosque to watch the view over the city during sunset. It can’t get more romantic than this, right? Well, it can, if you end your day with a romantic dinner at one of the rooftop terraces overlooking the main square and the renovated kasbah.

♥ Strolling with your lover through the narrow streets in the medina with its blue washed houses, while shopping for souvenirs for each other, for example.

Budget: A trip to Chefchaouen can be as cheap or expensive as you like. You can get there by bus as a part of a longer trip in Morocco or fly in Tangier and take a taxi. There are some traditional backpacker guesthouses offering simple, but cute rooms. However, you can also treat yourself on one of the luxury rooms in traditional homes. Some have even converted into spas.

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