1. 7 Steps to Planning a Heavenly Romantic Escape, no matter the budget.
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Why this guide?


Let's face it - life is busy, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with all the accommodation choices and activities for your upcoming holiday. However, if you don't do a bit of planning at least, the holiday itself can end up being underwhelming.

You may ask yourself WHERE TO START!? Feeling overwhelmed can really take the fun out of planning a holiday. This guide really puts back the FUN in dreaming and creating your custom romantic escape.

  • Don't miss out on the best travel gems during your trip just because you didn't know what to look for!

  • It's literally a QUICK START guide to creating a heavenly itinerary FAST! This guide is exactly what you need to turn your romantic holidays into overdrive!

  • Be your own travel agent - nobody knows better what you want than YOU! Knowing what you want and where to get it also helps you to save money.

  • Break away from cookie-cutter itineraries when your experience can be so much better than you imagined.

  • Planning a romantic escape that is exciting for you both is made so much easier! 

What are others saying about it?

"I wish I found this formula earlier!  We used to spend so much money flying to a destination
only to have a vanilla holiday because we didn't plan ahead (not knowing where to start).
 Now our are holidays are so much more fabulous!"
~ Stephanie V.

"This guide has been extremely useful in helping me plan a surprise romantic escape
 for my wife for our anniversary. Highly recommended!"
 ~ Simon R.

"I love this guide because it's easy to follow and has been put together beautifully - it's visually appealing.
Michelle's warmth and genuine desire to help people shines through as does her passion for creating
romantic holidays.  It's absolutely worth $10 at least!"
~ Anushka G.


When will I receive it?

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