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Awe-inspiring Wedding Proposals of Real Couple Travelers | Proposal Ideas

There's no doubt that being proposed to is one of the absolute highlights in life - it's that magical moment when the love of life declares their love for you and their wishes to share your life together. It's when you really know they chose YOU - you are the only ONE for them the world. Thinking of popping the question to your favorite person? You are about to be wildly inspired by the most breathtaking proposals of real couple travelers ...

Exquisite Swiss Alps Engagement

Travel couple Anna & Brandon

Swiss Alps proposal

Photographer: Cindy from

"My boyfriend asked me to marry him in the Swiss Alps! We took a train to explore around the highest point in Europe called the Jungfraujoch. He hired a secret photographer who followed us and pretended to be a tourist taking photos of the mountains. Despite being a bit chilly, I was overall ecstatic and I still am! It is such a gorgeous part of the world & I cannot wait to return. We've been on the most amazing celebratory journey around Europe since he popped the question & I am *so* happy, feels like I'm dreaming everyday. ♥️ "

Inspired by this beautiful couple? You can follow their adventures on Instagram at @blondeyandthebeach and @bandtheblondeyy _____________________ ♥️♥️♥️ _____________________​ Picturesque Marriage Proposal in Paris Travel couple Anthony & Sandra

Picturesque Marriage Proposal in Paris and Proposal Tips in
Romantic Marriage Proposal in Paris

Photographer: Fran Bolini from

"Proposing to my fiancé Sandra was one happiest moments of my life. That day was perfect and I never could’ve imagined a more beautiful setting than Paris as the place to pop the question. Quite frankly, I was breathing a sigh of relieve, not because I was worried that she wouldn’t say yes but because I was able to keep my plans a secret, and that the proposal would be something my fiancé would always remember and cherish. I realize that most people won’t have the opportunity to propose in The City of Lights,…trust me, it hadn’t been for the fact I had to fly to Bulgaria to ask her vacationing parents and Sandra’s business photo shoot in Paris, the peak and Mammoth Mountain was going to be the place. But once Paris became one of the destinations during our Christmas Holiday trip, I changed my plans which leads me to sharing a few things I learned about proposals.

  • First, plan a proposal that has meaning to your bride to be or significance to the two of you as a couple.

  • Second, envision how you see it the proposal playing out, come up with a strategy and account for variables. No matter what, I made sure that when the photographer captured the moment of the proposal it would be picturesque.

  • Lastly, limit the number of people who know your proposal plans. A little thought and planning and it will be just right. ♥️"

Inspired by this beautiful couple? You can follow their adventures on Instagram at @themaclemores _____________________ ♥️♥️♥️ _____________________​ Starting the next chapter of their lives together... An amazing proposal in Vanuatu Travel couple Amy and Nick

Romantic Vanuatu Waterfall Proposal Inspiration

"I said YES......... my romantic proposal on January 7th 2018 was at Vanuatu ‘Mele Cascade Waterfalls’. We had started the day off at the waterfalls cooling off on a hot summer day, doing the general tourist photographs and selfies. As we were walking back down from the waterfall, my partner Nick said you keep walking I’m just getting something out of the bag I’ll catch up. I kept walking ahead slowly thinking what is he doing and turning around to see what was taking him so long. He walked up behind me with what I thought was a gift box - it read ‘Our Adventure Book’... I looked at Nick with a bit of confusion, he said open it up, I opened the box up to find a beautiful quote and a picture of both of us on a swing we had taken in Thailand a few months prior. At this point I’m still confused but smiling ear to ear thinking this is beautiful. I turned the next page to see a beautiful ring that is when Nick turned to me took the ring out and asked me to Marry him. I was so overwhelmed with excitement and happiness I started to cry and said YES...... it was a beautiful romantic and thoughtful way to propose that made me feel very special ❤️❤️❤️"

Inspired by this beautiful couple? You can follow their adventures on Instagram at @kennellyamy and @nickvondxx

_____________________ ♥️♥️♥️ _____________________​​ Surprise Underwater Proposal in Fiji

Kobus & Michelle

Videographer: Resort photographer at Hideaway Resort & Spa, Fiji

On Valentine's day of 2014, we got ready to go on our second dive for the day in Fiji. I did the back roll off the boat and started to descend into the water as normal. Looking down, I saw some large, glowing white shapes at the bottom of the ocean, wondering what it was as I'd never seen anything like it before. All of a sudden became clear that it was white rocks, forming the word "MARRY ME" - I thought wow someone is being proposed to or had been in the most amazing way! I thought it was so beautiful and so unique!! Then I realized that Kobus was there right by the words and that we were being photographed a lot with everyone on the dive looking at us through camera lenses... my heart began to race like crazy as I realised it was actually my own surprise proposal! I swam down towards Kobus as fast as i could, stopping short before reaching him, pointing at him and pointing at myself then pointing at the words - asking through these gestures if it was really for me!? Kobus confirmed with a nod and at that moment I was absolutely ecstatic and nearly flooded my mask with tears of joy. I wrote "Wow!! (yes)" on my diving slate to communicate my mutual love for him! It was such a special moment that I will never forget. ♥️

You can follow our adventures on Instagram at @travelingromantic or @romanticexplorers

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