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Hi! I'm Michelle, the founder of THANK YOU for your interest in this project.

Let me tell you the story of how a romantic travel revolution began... In late 2016, I found myself fighting for my life in an ambulance. In the weeks leading up to it, I had been working extra hard on my businesses for longer than my body could handle and it literally just shut itself down. The ordeal was really traumatic - my husband and close friends were left worrying helplessly for hours. My parents were dreading to hear if I would survive or if they had lost another child. I was lucky I made it through that day. For the next two weeks, I struggled to do basic tasks - my body was sending me a clear message. It was time to admit and accept I needed more work-life balance and that my health and my relationship had been suffering tremendously. I learnt the hard way I need to take much more time off to nurture myself and my marriage. Not being able to do anything but try to cheer myself up while in this awful state, I looked back at photos on Facebook of when my husband and I travelled together. It was evident in the pictures that we were our happiest when we were travelling abroad or or exploring our local city Brisbane .

I remember thinking I'd hate for anyone of my friends or their marriages to suffer or worse just because life is so busy for so many of us and it compelled me to start a Facebook group that I called Romantic Explorers. I wanted to give couples a place to go to where they can find and share recommendations for romantic accommodations, restaurants, activities, gifts and date ideas. I hoped it could somehow inspire them to take time off from their busy lives and treat their partners to some good old fashion romance.

Some of the most effective ways to reignite the spark in a relationship are sharing new experiences together through travelling or exploring, setting time aside to have date nights or planning romantic surprises for each other. But have you noticed how frustrating it is to try and find a romantic hotel, restaurant or date idea when you need to? Especially if you've left planning anything for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasions until the last minute just because you've been so busy. Until now, there hasn't been a community or a single place where you could find or share romantic travel suggestions fast. The group grew as many started seeing the fun of contributing to what is now an impressive amount of romantic travel recommendations and essentially a Romantic Travel Directory. As I was searching for more romantic hotels, restaurants and activity providers to feature on my romantic travel blog and share with the community, I noticed how much the FEW businesses that offer a romantic touch appreciated the exposure and community reviews. Some of them needed it desperately. So many romantic and other small businesses close down because they lack the experience to market themselves or struggle to stand out on large directories which cover so much that their listing gets lost. When they close down our community misses out on a romantic experience they would have appreciated. It really makes me sad to hear that businesses have closed down because I know how much hard work, blood, sweat and tears it takes to build a business and I want to try and help. In my career as a marketing and graphic design generalist, I've made a difference to more than one hundred businesses. With the platform I will be launching in August 2018, I will be extending a helping hand to thousands of business over the next few years. has bloomed into a fast-growing Romantic Travel Directory that is now not only helping couples enrich their relationships but giving romantic businesses a supportive and exclusive space to showcase themselves to people who would appreciate it. I'm extremely passionate about this project and I'm fortunate to be able to say that it's already receiving a lot of support to fulfil its purpose of being a Romantic Travel Directory based on community recommendations - that will show you where to find romantic travel gems in your area - whenever you need it and wherever you might find yourself in the world! Many wonderful stories from all over the world have surfaced as proof of the difference this initiative is making not only to relationships but to businesses who need more support. I can't wait to share them with you... stay tuned. If you are also excited about this initiative, please share the upcoming video version of this story EVERYWHERE, invite your friends to the group or contact us to support it in any way you are able to - because it's proving that a little love can go a long way! Stay tuned for future blog topics: What do real romantic businesses have to say about so far?

What do real romantic couples have to say about so far?

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