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Romantic Things to Do at Cove Haven Resort in Pennsylvania, US | Romantic Accommodation

Have you ever booked a romantic accommodation and got MUCH more than you expected? This was our experience during our ah-mazing stay at Cove Haven Resort which is situated in the Pocono Mountains Region, often called "The Land of Love". This is my second blog about this unique couples-only resort - in the first blog I wrote about the dreamy Champagne Tower Suite we stayed in which was so wonderful, we didn't want to leave! We were glad when we finally did explore the rest of the resort though, as we discovered many more romantic things to do. Below are some of our own romantic recommendations but this is by no means a full list of everything there is to see and do at Cove Haven resort - we regrettably only spent two days there and didn't even scratch the surface of exploring it all! ♥ Stroll hand-in-hand to the romantic gazebo

Romantic gazebo at Cove Haven Resort

This was absolutely one of my personal favorite romantic things to do at the resort! There is path with steps leading to a beautiful gazebo with a scenic lookout and further down the path are more steps that lead to a picturesque pier, lake and surroundings - the scenery was absolutely breathtaking!

♥ Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in the Colosseum Dining Room

Cove Haven Resort Romantic Restaurant

The interior of the Colosseum themed restaurant of Cove Haven Resort in Pennsylvania, US

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the restaurant was designed to look similar to the shape of the Colosseum in Rome! The Colosseum is one of the 7 wonders of the world and Rome is one of the most romantic cities on the planet! Walking in, I loved that even the interior was decorated to match the Colosseum theme of the restaurant.

The interior of the Colosseum themed restaurant

We enjoyed buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners in this unique restaurant which always had very tasty options on offer. Our favorites included chicken Alfredo pasta and pork ribs. We also loved the variety of dishes at the salad bar.

The service was great and there was even an on-site resort photographer ready to take memorable snaps if any couples wanted some! The photographer is able to take photos of you anywhere in the resort on request and you can purchase your favorites from the gift shop. ♥ Treat each other to gifts from the shop

Cove Haven Resort gift shop

There was so much to love in this shop, including a caricature artist who would offer to draw fun and creative cartoon drawings of couples.

It's a great place to purchase some unique couples gifts such as cute matching "Hubby" and "Wifey" T-shirts and mugs. The shop also features the largest collection of bubble bath fragrances I've ever seen!

At the back of the shop was a more private section where adult goods could be purchased. ♥ Sip on delicious cocktails at the heart-shaped bar

Heart shaped bar at Cove Haven Resort called Cupid's Corner

Next to the restaurant (in the same building) was a heart shaped bar serving delicious cocktails such as the yummy Sex on the Beach cocktail pictured below.

Couples staying in the resort could partake in games and other entertainment such as comedians or hypnotists provided by the resort in this area - there was always fun to be had there in the evenings!

♥ Hold hands while watching a movie at the on-site theater

On-site movie theater at Cove Haven romantic resort

Couples that love going to the movies together will love that the resort even has a cinema! When we were there, the movie Get Out was showing at 1pm. ♥ Dedicate a song of your choice to each other while playing a game of pool at Spooner's Cafe

Here, couples can grab a cheap meal, play pool while listening to their favorite romantic (or other) song on the classic-looking jukebox or challenge each other to a game of basket ball just to name a few of the many activities offered at Spooner's Cafe. ♥ Take a dip or relax next to the heart shaped pool

Heart shaped pool at Cove Haven Resort

If you love heart shaped anything as much as I do, you will be delighted to know that there is even a heart shaped pool outdoors to enjoy and it's not the only pool in the resort to enjoy! ♥ Indulge in a couples massage at the spa

If you can't imagine having a romantic escape without a relaxing couples massage or two - the spa is the place to be! ♥ Take a boat ride around the lake

We booked a boat ride on the lake which was very relaxing and wonderfully romantic. The skipper offered to take some photos for us which is always a bonus! Other water activities offered here include paddle boats and paddle boards.

The view of the pier from the romantic boat ride on the lake

♥ Share some roasted marshmallows at the cozy fire pit as the sun goes down

Enjoy each other's company at the firepit

♥ Walk the Nature Trail and stop for a kiss at The Kissing Tree when you find it

It was heart-breaking leaving this wonderful resort when our amazing stay had come to an end but after checking out we decided we still have time to find the Kissing Tree which we had heard about so off we went, following the nature trail. The trees marked with lovers notes, the stream, benches were all such stunning little features in the trail that made it really enjoyable.

The romantic Nature Trail

Finding the Kissing Tree was the highlight for us and of course we had to stop for a kiss or three and a few photos :D

We loved this trail and were so glad to have taken the time to do it. It was only a short walk (about 15 minutes) and it really lifted our spirits, easing the heartache of having to leave this wonderful place!

Other points of interest in the resort included a Putt Putt course, Koi Pond, gorgeous wedding ceremony site, archery and much MUCH more - you really have to see it to believe just how much there is to see and do!

Here's hoping you get to experience this romantic travel gem for yourself soon, it was certainly one of the best romantic getaways of our lives and we highly recommend it! We are not affiliated with this resort in any way - this is my own genuine review and opinions from our stay. Loved this blog or have any questions? Let me know in the comments section at the bottom of web page :) Save this blog for your romantic travel bucket list on Pinterest by clicking the image below:

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Hope to see you there!

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