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Romantic Date Ideas for couples in Brisbane, Australia

I woke up this morning still buzzing from the amazing date night we had last night, yes it was that wonderful that it inspired this blog! I hope by sharing it here that it will inspire the romantic explorers reading this blog to get out there and have some fun while doing your relationships a favor! It's so easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives and forget to make some time for each other - but here's a little reminder of what you and your relationship (if it needs some nurturing) are missing out on. Although the date night ideas I share here are based on our own experiences from Brisbane, many could apply to any of the places you might find yourself in around the world.

Take a road trip!

Looking for a romantic date idea? How about a romantic road trip.

Nothing like a romantic road trip in search of view points!

One of the recent road trips we enjoyed was all about us looking to find great view points in Brisbane. We managed to squeeze in three viewpoints for the day. Our first stop was Dahmongah Park, Mt Mee Lookout which forms part of the Glass House Mountains. Definitely stop at the Glass House Mountains Lookout Cafe on the way there for a enjoying some coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch or cake! Romantics can enjoy each others company and the incredible views from the stunning gazebo or lover seats at Dahmongah Park.

Stunning views can be enjoyed from the gazebo at Dahmongah Park, Mt Mee Lookout

Stunning views can be enjoyed from the gazebo at Dahmongah Park, Mt Mee Lookout

The lovers seats at Dahmongah Park, Mt Mee Lookout

The lovers seats at Dahmongah Park, Mt Mee Lookout

If you are up for it, there's a short, easy walk through nature to enjoy too. We're not very fit so I really enjoyed this easy walk! The bridges over streams and steps made the path a lovely and interesting walk. The really fit couples can check out some of the more advanced hiking trails at this informative website about the Glass House Mountains. The love hearts and initials of other couples that are carved into some of the trees that you will see during the walk are also proof of it being a romantic place! Our next stop for a wonderful view was Pitstop Cafe where I enjoyed a glass of Moscato while taking in the stunning views. The surrounding roads are popular among bike riders who would love this Cafe which is decorated with the owners passion for motorbikes!

Date idea: Visit scenic Pitstop Cafe in Ocean View, Queensland

The entrance to Pitstop Cafe in Ocean View, Queensland

Romantic views from the outside tables of Pitstop Cafe in Ocean View, Queensland

Views from the outside tables of Pitstop Cafe in Ocean View, Queensland

We then drove to Mecure Clear Mountain Lodge Spa and Vineyard which is a lovely spot to enjoy some dinner or a sun downer.

For a romantic date, consider visiting Mecure Clear Mountain Spa for a sun downer! The outdoor tables for two offer spectacular views.

Be sure to check out the views next to the road on the way there - we stopped at this view...

On the way back home, we stopped at Lake Samsonvale - the sunset was a spectacular end to our road trip! It seemed to be a popular spot for locals who enjoy watching the sun set :)

Find a unique massage facility

Hydra time spa is a unique romantic spa with Chinese herbal baths.

Hydra time Spa's unique Chinese herbal baths

Find a massage place that has some uniqueness about it - by uniqueness I mean it's not your standard four white walls setup but rather it has spectacular view or other feature that you haven't experienced before or that makes it amazing! Look for that something special!

We were lucky to find out about Hydra Time Spa Massage in Fortitude Valley. I've had a massage before where it felt like the person didn't know what they were doing - but it certainly wasn't the case at this unique spa! Hubby and I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon

and were welcomed with a smile and guided to sit to enjoy some Chinese tea in a beautiful little setting with seats, a stunning smelling aromatherapy diffuser that added to the relaxing atmosphere. Next we were taken to our massage rooms where we were given some privacy to get undressed to our undies and lay down on the two massage beds. The lights were dimmed and we were massaged individually next to each other - both hubby and I agree that the massages were wonderful and effective. The masseuses seemed very professional and we felt like we were in good hands. During our massages, the wooden Chinese baths next to us were being filled with water. When our massages were done, a lady showed us a glass vase filled with an aromatherapy mixture that she poured into our baths. When she left the room, we excitedly got into our baths - feeling the warm water flow over my skin as I stepped into it was absolute heaven. Sitting down, it felt like if there were any tension left it my body, it was just melting away in the deliciously warm water. Inside the baths were large wooden spoons that we used to pour some of the warm water onto our shoulders and even onto each other. Being so relaxed, it felt like the stresses of our daily lives were far away - we felt like little excited kids laughing and chatting while enjoying this unique experience to the fullest.

After getting dressed, we were invited to have some more Chinese herbal tea and cookies before we left this wonderful place. How to get there: You can either take the train to Fortitude Valley station, take an Uber or find a good parking spot for your car. Parking in Brisbane city can be expensive but we managed to get parking for cheap by pre-booking parking through the website With the night shift parking option we managed to get parking for our date night in Brisbane city for only $8 - we just had to arrive at the parking spot by 4pm and leave anytime after 7pm which suited us perfectly as our massages were booked for 5pm - this gave us some time to have a relaxing walk to the spa and to enjoy an imprompto dinner on the way back at Boroughs of New York Pizza in Fortitude Valley.

Have a romantic picnic at a beautiful lake

Even more spectacular than Lake Samsonvale is Lake Moogerah which I discovered during a road trip through the Scenic Rim. The beautiful lake has gorgeous gazebos for enjoying a picnic in with your love.

Escape to a nearby island and have fun exploring it together

Bribie island has beautiful views and great spots to relax such as this one!

One of our favourite islands around Brisbane to escape to for a day is Bribie Island because it's easily accessible by car - it's connected to the mainland with a bridge. The wonderful activities there that couples can enjoy for a date include stand up paddle boarding, e-bike riding, tandem bike riding just to name a few - all being wonderful ways to explore the island! You can read all about these fun ways to explore the island by clicking here.

Enjoy a movie night with a difference

Brisbane peeps are spoilt for choice when it comes to unique movie night venues! Ones that we are looking forward to experiencing (again) or that are on our date night bucket list include:

  1. Blue room cinebar - the only cinema that we know of where waiters and waitresses serve you pizzas, share platters, deserts and even wine during the movie!

  2. Limes Rooftop Bar and Cinema - where you can enjoy a movie in a hot tub!

  3. South Bank Dive-in - around Christmas time you can enjoy Christmas movies from your towel on the man-made beach or while floating in the water! We are definitely setting a reminder this year for it! Like and follow @VisitSouthBank on Facebook for more updates!

Find a unique restaurant or bar experience you haven't been to before

While out exploring Fortitude Valley one night, we came across Cru Bar & Cellar. What makes it so unique to me is the open design - where you would expect the windows to be are soft seating areas - a great initiative for a warm night when you can enjoy a cool breeze of fresh air! Food prices range between $20 to $40 a main meal.

Stay tuned for more date ideas coming to this page soon! Do you have any romantic recommendations for date nights in your city or in Brisbane? Please share them in the comments below or in the Facebook Group for romantic explorers! Liked this blog post? Save it to Pinterest by clicking the image below.

Liked this romantic blog? Save it to Pinterest by clicking the image.

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