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Exploring Brisbane in Style with a Self-drive Ferrari Experience | Review:

Seated in the gorgeous Ferrari we got to drive to celebrate hubby's birthday in style!

Seated in the gorgeous Ferrari we got to drive to celebrate hubby's birthday in style!

Like most guys, my hubby Kobus has dreamt about driving a Ferrari for as long as he can remember. On his 41st birthday, I decided to spoil him by making his dream a reality! At a glance: Booking with was easy and I was really happy that their gift voucher for the experience is just stunning! It's designed in such a way that it got hubby all excited from the moment he saw it. I knew Kobus would appreciate it more if he could drive his dream car rather than sit in the car while the service provider drove it so I made sure to book that option. I also know he enjoys experiences more when we share it together - of course I love that too because that way we get to share the excitement before, during and after!

Ferrari driving on a rainy day!

Closeup of the Ferrari we drove in the rain.

Unfortunately on the day it was finally his turn to experience this wonder, it was raining so we couldn't retract the roof of the car to feel what it's like driving in such an expensive convertible with the roof down but we still had a wonderful time! We did have the option to reschedule but Kobus couldn't wait any longer :P Due to the rain, the supplier was concerned that the car might spin when pulling away so he turned a dial on the (gorgeous) steering wheel to point to an option represented by a snow flake icon - he said it was the safest driving setting for the weather.

Giving hubby a Ferrari self-drive experience ensured he had a Happy Birthday indeed!

His face says it all - he is living his dream! Seeing him this happy on his birthday was the best feeling in the world!

I will never forget how happy my hubby looked driving this beautiful car - he was in his element and it was clear that this hour we spent driving together was absolutely one of the best of his life! I'm really glad I spent a bit extra to share it all with him, it was totally worth it! So what did it actually feel like? Hubby says the car was really comfortable to get into and get out of which he thought it wouldn't be for whatever reason (what do we know!? We've never driven in one of these!). We both thought the seats were super comfortable. Hearing that glorious vroom vrooooom sound that only a Ferrari makes was exhilarating and not only for us - it got the people in cars around us so excited too that one family went as far as winding down their windows with big smiles just to hear it! We definitely got a few stares driving this beauty around. I loved running my fingers on the smooth, luxurious leather furnishings and admiring all the super cool features of the car.

My view from the passenger seat of the Ferrari as we explored parts of Brisbane in style.

It was interesting to learn that the suspension is so low that driving over speed bumps would be a real pain. Luckely none of the roads we drove on had any of that - it was just smooth! Next, hubby would like to experience driving the same or a similar car on a race track - I think I'm sensing a need for speed! He enjoyed it so much that he knows now that he would absolutely buy one if he ever got paid as much as he works hard :P

Too much excitement for this hubby on his birthday!

This big smile lasted long after the experience had ended!

Highlights: ♥ The driver is guided as to how to drive the car and accompanied by one of the staff members for a drive around the block. This is great to ensure that you feel comfortable when it comes to driving on your own. ♥ A staff member drives in front of you all the time, guiding you on where to go - you also get a walkie talkie in case you have any questions while driving. It certainly calms the nerves when you feel paranoid that you might have an accident in such an expensive car! ♥ Some parts of the road are beautifully scenic. ♥ We feel it was certainly worth the money for the amazing experience. ♥ Wonderful service - we felt extremely comfortable. ♥ The staff member offers to take photos of the two of you with the car afterwards. ♥ You also have the option to have your experience recorded on a GoPro camera. You don't need to worry about the suppliers watching the video and listening to your personal conversations - you get given the SD card straight out of the camera after your trip. ♥ We did the Ferrari Drive - Couples Special for AU $399 (it was on special at the time) but they have an even more romantic option that includes a lunch for two at one of their partner restaurants.

And so much more! Budget: $$$ ($ = budget $$ = Medium $$$ = Luxury) Address: 219 Qantas Ave, Archerfield Airport, Queensland, Australia. Look for the Red Flags, they share the building with V2 Helicopters. Phone: 0735350680

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Please note: We are not affiliated with this company in any way, we are only listing it as our genuine recommendation for a couple visiting the area and looking for something super fun to do!

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