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Bribie Island Hire Hut & Tours | Couples Activities

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Bribie Island is full of natural beauty and Bribie Island Hire Hut & Tours has many different kinds of bikes and paddle boards to choose from to explore the island with. We loved the service and experience so much, we've been twice now and will be going again soon! Our very first time using stand up paddle boards was made easy thanks to the great service of the team at Bribie Island Hire Hut & Tours. We had a great time learning this new skill that turned out to be easier than we anticipated. We loved the comfort of the Fat-E bikes! They are electric bikes so you don't have to pedal as hard, you can explore more of the island without getting too tired. (This review is coming from an unfit couple haha). The bikes can reach surprising speeds of around 25 kilometres per hour which made it a super fun experience! Highly recommended :) It's easy to get to Bribie Island as it is the only Queensland island with a bridge! Highlights: ♥ Bribie Island has many romantic walkways, cycling paths and seating options to enjoy with ocean views with your loved one. These activities are wonderful ways to enjoy your visit to the island even more! ♥ We love the variety of the bikes and boards - pick a tandem bike for a more romantic experience or the Fat-E bikes for a thrilling ride ♥ Affordable prices - you can hire the bikes or boards for a period of time that suits your budget. ♥ Wonderful service - we felt extremely comfortable trying out new types of boards and bikes that we've never been on before. And so much more! Budget: $$ ($ = budget $$ = Medium $$$ = Luxury) Address: Welsby parade, Bribie Island, Bongaree, Queensland Phone: 0400 446 679

We are not affiliated with this company in any way, we are only listing it as our genuine recommendation for a couple visiting the area and looking for something super fun to do!

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