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Romantic things to do in Melbourne City, Australia

If you don't have time for a romantic road trip around Melbourne, here's a list of romantic things to do within the city. You could visit all of these suggestions in one day!

1. Royal Botanic Gardens

Nature lovers can enjoy a stroll along the romantic pathways of this beautiful garden. We visited at the end of April 2017 and the colors of the leaves really drew me into another world. It reminded me of the meadow where Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from the movie Twilight just stared at each whilst laying down - an unforgettable romantic movie moment!

​These gardens are definitely a romantic travel gem for couples to explore. There are plenty of gazebos to discover where you can take a break from walking around and share a kiss.​..

Don't forget to stop for a kiss when exploring the Royal Botanic gardens in Melbourne!

2. Eureka Tower

I highly recommend visiting the Eureka Tower when you first arrive in Melbourne. This is because seeing the whole city from such a high angle (around 292 meres above the ground) and using the flyers with the available viewers is a fun way to get to know the city highlights fast. My sense of direction throughout my trip would have been a lot better had I been there first :D

A couple enjoying the Melbourne City views from Eureka Tower.

There are all sorts of romantic seating options on which to get comfortable and enjoy the views. I thought paying extra for The Edge experience was worth it - there was a lot more to it than I thought there would be and I feel writing it all here would be spoiling half the fun. A little nervous of heights? The views that you get to share make it all worth it!

If possible, visit during sunset at which time the views will be that more beautiful. You can also purchase some wine to enjoy with your love at the cafeterias located on the floor.

3. IceBar

We love keeping things interesting in our relationship and visiting unique places or having unique experiences together does just that! After putting on a warm hooded jacket and some gloves provided by the staff, you get to step into the -10 degrees Celsius bar! It feels as though you are literally stepping into an adventure at the North Pole! Depending on which package you bought at the reception, you get to order your shot glass and/or cocktail which is served to you in what looks like large ice blocks in the shape of glasses. The cocktails were SO tasty!

Two cocktails and cuddles should warm the two of you up while experiencing the cold of the IceBar in Melbourne.

There are a lot of amusing ice sculptures and details to appreciate throughout the place which makes it even more fun to explore. The extreme cold is a wonderful reason to stay warm with kisses and cuddles. There are buttons located around the bar that when pressed, lets timed cameras take your photo which you can buy when you exit. Best of all is - you can have your photo/s taken as many times as you like! When you exit the IceBar, you can view and select your favorite photos and purchase the ones you like. We visited on a Sunday afternoon (pleasantly surprised that they were open then) and ended up being the only people in there. It was pretty good having the coolest place in Melbourne all to ourselves!

Other tips to make your visit to Melbourne more pleasurable: Airport transfers.

1. Booking's AUD $17 special a day or more before. 2. Take the Skybus to Southern Cross station from where they then offer complimentary transfers to your hotel in a mini bus. Budget accommodation in Melbourne that is still romantic: I stayed at the Space Hotel which is located at 380 Russel Street - I was absolutely blown away by how amazing this place was for a budget hotel! ​

The rooftop jacuzzi of Space Hotel is the place to be at sunset - it's just wonderful seeing the amazing city lights pop up after sunset.

Surprising and wonderful budget hotel features included: ♥ The most incredible views from the rooftop which anyone staying at the hotel can access for free.

♥ A jacuzzi that couples can relax in during sunset or under the stars. It's wonderfully warm on a cold night (Melbourne weather can sometimes be chilly). ♥ An on-site movie theater when you prefer to stay in.

Where to eat:

If you prefer to save money by eating cheaper, visit the underground food court accessible through the lower level of the Officeworks located at QV Centre, 271-275 Russell Street which is a short walk from Space Hotel. ​

Affordable food choices like the cute Souperman Cafe can be found in the underground food courts of Melbourne.

​Also close to Space Hotel is an affordable breakfast spot called Artee Cafe where I bought this delicious breakfast for around AUD $12.

Artee Cafe is a great spot to have an affordable but delicious breakfast.

If you love themed restaurants try Stalactites Restaurant with it's cave-like roof. I've seen a long line of people wait to eat there - be sure to make a booking in advance. In the mood for Italian food? Try the area known as "Little Italy" in Melbourne which is located in Lygon Street. ​​

Whether you are art lovers or not, you can't not look at some of the amazing street art when you are in Melbourne - it's such a big part of the culture. ​

A glimpse of the amazing street art you can explore when in Melbourne.

A good place to do so is in Fitzroy - Melbourne's first and thus oldest suburb (and also where the IceBar which is mentioned above is located). For a really tasty meal in the area, I recommend the dining bar Rice Paper Scissors - their BBQ lamb ribs is crazy yummy! Other points of interest: I enjoy visiting cathedrals - St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne is well worth a visit if you do too! There's so much beauty to appreciate in all of its details. It's no wonder so many couples choose to get married there.

The isle that brides walk down on when getting married at the beautiful St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne.

What are you looking forward to seeing most in Melbourne or if you've been, please comment below what did you enjoy seeing or doing there? For more recommendations for romantic things to do in Melbourne, follow this link to my previous blog or join our online community of romantic explorers where you can ask other couples for recommendations too or share yours!

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