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Fifty Shades of Blue | Recommended Romantic Vacations

Photo by Bora Bora Photographer Stephan Debelle Duplan

The controversial Fifty Shades of Grey movie sequel has just been released! It's not every couple's cup of tea but perhaps Fifty Shades of Blue is? With the help of some seasoned travelers and their wonderful recommendations, we've compiled a list of romantic destinations with the most beautiful shades of blue water for you to fantasize about!

1. Atoll of Tupai & Bora Bora

Romantic things to do - couple photo shoot in Bora Bora

~ by Stephan from ~

"In the middle of the South Pacific lies a giant heart filled with different shades of beautiful blues! It's the Atoll of Tupai (pictured in the main blog photo) which can be viewed during a romantic 15 minute scenic flight from Bora Bora with Tahiti-Helicopters. It's a breathtaking, must-see for romantics due to its obvious heart shape, visible when viewed from the air. Asides from a few people working on the Atoll, it is pretty much deserted. From the air you can see that very much like Bora Bora, the shade of blue of the water changes every few meters."

2. Barbados

Photo showing the beauty of romantic Barbados - perfect for a romantic getaway

~ by Stacey from ~

"Barbados is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches. Barbados is perfect for couples whether you are looking for a active vacation or a more chilled out laid back vibe. There are lots of activities on this little island, from surfing to paddle boarding and Segway tours. If you want something a little quieter and romantic then opt for a sunset catamaran cruise. There are many beautiful restaurants along the beach for dinner and lots of casual beach bars with drinks specials. A Barbados vacation suits any budget but we totally suggest splurging where possible! "

3. Seychelles

Romantic escape recommendation - Seychelles

~ by Adriana from @deliciouz_food_n_travels ~

"Walking on the most breathtakingly turquoise water in Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue, Seychelles. This place hands down has the prettiest blue spectrum of water I have seen during all of our travels. Not only is the water magnificent, the sand is silky smooth and you can simply walk on to the reef to swim with the friendly fish. To hydrate yourself, the local also sell beautifully decorated fresh king coconuts. Definitely was a dream destination to celebrate our first wedding anniversary."

4. Palawan, Philippines

Romantic escape Palawan, Phillipines

~ by Katherine from ~

"There are so many lovely sights in Palawan – green lagoons and limestone karsts, lakes and of course beaches. Tourists normally venture to Puerto Princesa, El Nido or Coron, but I’ve found that the best beaches can be found in Balabac islands on the southern tip of this island province. Unlike its sister beach destinations, Balabac islands is raw and uncommercialized, and currently there are only one or two travel agencies that cover the area. My favorite among this island group is Candaraman, with its clear water and alleyway of orange starfishes. Candaraman Island is a dream... it's really just a wide stretch of blue. It’s fitting for backpackers, adventurers and even couples who’re after a special beach getaway."

5. Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Romantic escape recommendation - Waikiki Beach

~ by Amanda from ~

"Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, is known for many things - a favorite of which is its picturesque beaches. Home to legendary Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku, known as the "father of modern surfing," Waikiki Beach is an excellent spot for beginner surfers to test out their skills or for the less adventurous to enjoy a ride on a Hawaiian outrigger canoe. It also offers gorgeous sunsets, prime sunbathing locations and the perfect stretch of beach for a walk along the water's edge. If you're lucky, you may even spot a few sea turtles swimming in the turquoise blue waters!"

6. Peyto Lake, Canada

Romantic escape recommendation in Canada

~ by Erin from ~

"Located in Alberta’s Banff National Park, Peyto Lake took my breath away as soon as I laid eyes on it. I’ll never forget walking up through the forest to get to the look out. I had already seen a multitude of blues and greens from the glacier-fed lakes in the Canadian Rockies, so I thought I knew what to expect. Instead, I was in awe by the chalky turquoise color of the water. The blue sky and reflection of the mountains in the water only added to its beauty. The lake is located off of the Icefields Parkway and is named after an early trail guide in the area."

7. Gili Islands, Lombok

Romantic things to do in the Gili Islands, Bali

~ by Michelle from @RomanticExplorers ~

"My husband and I can highly recommend visiting the 3 islands named Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air in Indonesia. You can feel like a celebrity for a day for only US $100 which will buy you the experience of having your own private glass bottom boat and skipper for a full day. You get to do some island hopping and snorkeling, immersing yourself in the most amazing water colors. The 3 islands all have white sandy beaches and unique, romantic seating areas where you can enjoy cocktails or lunch. To us, the best snorkeling spots are the ones where everything above the water is just as breathtaking as below the water and the Gili Islands are a wonderful example of that!"

8. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

The Whitsundays, Australia is a recommended romantic escape

~ by Adriana from @deliciouz_food_n_travels ~

"Enjoying a weekend getaway with my romantic explorer, this time we decided to cruise the Whitsundays. And I couldn't be anymore happier of that decision once I stepped foot on the white sands and swam in the glassy blue waters of Whitehaven."

9. Turks and Caicos

Romantic things to do - strolling next to the beaches at Grand Turk in Turks and Caicos

~ by Erin from ~

"In December, our cruise stopped at Grand Turk in Turks and Caicos. Instead of just lounging on the beach all day, we decided to go exploring. We found ourselves in the middle of town near the shops and museum when we came across this view. The color of the shop buildings in contrast to the clear, blue water made the perfect backdrop for some photos. In fact, we wound up spending more time soaking up the views than we did shopping. The water by the port was beautiful, as well, but this was easily my favorite spot on the island."

10. Roatán, Honduras

Beautiful blue beaches  - Roatán, Honduras

~ by Michelle from ~

"Are you looking for the perfect beach? Look no further and head over to West Bay on the island of Roatán in Honduras, a pristine, white sand beach with calm, crystal-clear waters. You can choose to laze in the shade of coconut trees with a Pina Colada in one hand and a book in the other, or snorkel your way down the world’s second largest barrier reef amidst shoals of colourful fish. Either way, the beach is the perfect retreat for couples looking for romance. For those on the lookout for a little more comfort, the beach is lined with resorts providing luxury accommodation. On the other hand, if you are budget travelers like we are, you can stay at the more rustic and less expensive West End side and hop over to West Bay for the day via water taxi. West Bay’s spectacular shades of blue provide the ideal relaxation spot for a stress-free holiday!"

11. Cabo de la Vela, Colombia

Romantic destination - Cabo de la Vela, Columbia

~ by Karin from ~

"Cabo de la Vela is a tiny village on the Carribean coast in Colombia - its remote location and rough natural beauty make it a truly romantic destination for adventurers in love. Besides of stunning sunsets and sunrises, it also offers amazingly clear water in all shades of turquoise. After staring at the unbelievable magic of the ocean all day, this is a great spot to see the Milky Way and wish on falling stars at night - since there is very little light in the village, the light pollution is basically absent! Omnipresent wind will give you the perfect opportunity to try out kite surfing, if you are into sports, but will also refresh you when eating delicious fish and lobster directly from the fishermen. Click here for my Cabo de la Vela guide."

12. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The romantic spa experience of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

~ by Stacey from ~

"The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is like a healing hot tub. The warm water is full of minerals which are great for the joints and the skin. You can spend the day here and pamper yourself with face masks and massages. There is also a swim up bar which serves alcohol from the time it opens! We only spent an hour here before we had to head to the airport but we were impressed by the facilities. It was the perfect way to end our epic road trip around Iceland."

13. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Romantic things to do in Great Barrier Reef - Scenic flight

~ by Adriana from @deliciouz_food_n_travels ~

"Taking a private helicopter tour over the wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef and to witness the world famous heart-reef. Talk about ticking off your bucket list in style and to do this on our mini-moon to the Hamilton Island, I say YES!"

14. Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang, Laos

Romantic location in Laos - great for a romantic escape

~ by Bianca from The Altruistic Traveller ~

"The Kuang Si Falls in Laos are by far some of the most beautiful waters I have ever seen. Located about a 30-minute drive south of Luang Prabang, these stunning falls boast a rich blue-green hue that is caused by the high levels of calcium carbonate deposits in the water reflecting off the light above. The falls are a popular swimming spot where the waterfalls turn into a number of lagoons, bringing both locals and tourists to this magnificent place. Spend a few hours in the morning or afternoon walking through the luscious forests, listening to the gushes of water that spill from the hills and swimming in the fresh water lagoons. Don’t forget to take a signature photo at the highest waterfall, but even if you don’t make it that far all of the three tier falls are a sight to behold. "

15. Corfu, Greece

Corfu, Greece is a gorgeous option for a romantic getaway

~ by Alessandra from ~

"Corfu is the greenest and most northern of the Greek islands and it was controlled by different countries throughout its history, such as Italy, France and Britain. It is located in the Ionian sea and it's very close Albania and Italy. It is also one of the most beautiful and developed islands in the country, and the one that I believe has the nicest beaches, while still being quite unknown by a lot of tourist around the world. It is easier to get to some of the beaches, while still being quite unknown by a lot of tourists around the world. It is easier to get some of the beaches by boat, but you can also reach a lot of them by car. The most beautiful ones are Sidari (and the Canal D'Amour), Peroulades, Paleokastritsa, Kontogialos and Myrtiotissa. Apart from experiencing some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, I'd recommend you to take a day or two to explorer Corfu city and the old town and visit the Esplanade, the Old Fortress and the Royal Palace."

16. Koh Lipe, Thailand

Thailand honeymoon recommendation by Hanna & Adam

~ by Hannah & Adam from ~

"The most beautiful colored water I've ever seen can be found on my favorite island, Koh Lipe Thailand. I first laid eyes on this water on my Thailand honeymoon in 2012 and have been back twice. Koh Lipe is in the Andaman Sea it's the southern most island in Thailand. Most tourist have never heard of this magical island as it's only accessible by boat. It takes a half of day to get here from almost anywhere in Thailand but the journey is worth it. Nothing is better than white sandy beach, epic turquoise waters, and friendly locals. There is no other place in the world that was water like Koh Lipe. It really is my favorite island in the world."

17. Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

Beautiful beach Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

~ by Kari from HappyCoconutsTravelBlog ~

"Costa Rica is a special place, as it has stunning beaches along both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, with over 800 miles of coastline, and over 300 unique beaches. One of the most breath-taking beaches in Costa Rica is Playa Conchal. The sand is made up of millions of crushed conch shells, which is how the beach was gifted it's name. You can hear this beach whispering your name as soon as you step foot on the lush sand, making the turquoise water impossible to avoid. Snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, jet skis, catamaran cruises, fishing tours, there are endless activities at this beach. Located next to Playa Brasilito and Playa Flamingo, it is about 40 minutes from the popular beach town Playa del Coco. This dreamy, majestic beach is a must-see on your Costa Rican vacation."

18. Palominito Cay, Puerto Rico

~ by Maria from Travelingislandgirl ~

"Puerto Rico is a Caribbean Island and an unincorporated U.S. territory. It is only 100 miles long by 35 miles wide, but this small piece of land offers countless of cultural and nature experiences. It’s beautiful beaches, rivers, waterfalls, cays, mountains, tropical rain forest and many other natural wonders make it a perfect destination for all tastes. From staying in the hotel spa or pool, or exploring the island’s riches, you will not be disappointed. Palominto Cay is a small sand bar, 4 miles east off the coast of Puerto Rico. It’s white sand and clear blue waters make it an iconic and magical scene that will take your breath away. From the Cay you can see part of the main island mountain range that divides the island into northern and southern coastal plains. Between the turquoise water and the green of the mountains you will for sure feel relaxed and you’ll never want to go back home. Palominito’s beauty is so imposing that in the fall of 2010 scenes were filmed for the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. Something that makes it even more attractive is that it has limited tourist traffic so it is a perfect retreat for couples. If you’re interested in visiting Palominito check out a local water taxi or talk to a local fisherman." Watch this beautiful place come alive in this video.

19. Barefoot Kuata Island, Fiji

Barefoot Kuata Island, Fiji

~ by Julie Mangha from GirlsLoveTravel ~

"Looking at the picture, the Island you see on the other side is Wayalailai. I stayed on that Island during two weeks of island hopping. It was one of the most impressive islands for me. It is very basic but so authentic. The Island is quite small and there is nothing but a few cottages located at the beach (also the locals live there). The rest of the island is an uninhabited jungle area. You can do awesome hikes and walks and see the most beautiful sunsets. As you live cottage by cottage with the locals you get to know their real culture easier. We showed the Chief of the Island our respect and he accepted us to join them and drink Cava with them. Cava is a mildly narcotic drink made from mixing the powdered root of the pepper plant (piper methysticum) with water and results in a numb feeling around the mouth, lips and tongue and a sense of relaxation. They called it body relaxation. They made a huge fire for us at the beach, played the guitar and sang songs for us. They also took us to Church on Wayalailai Island. They gave us garments and we were able to see and hear them singing in Church. We were only five people on the island so it felt really special. It was an awesome stay. So authentic." Which is your favorite? Have you experienced a destination with beautiful blue water that should be included on this list? Click here to email a photo and your 100 to 300 word description to us with your website or Instagram handle! Let's see if we can get to a list of fifty dreamy destinations with beautiful shades of blue! Be sure to check back in for updates! Have you joined our community of inspirational travel couples yet? Join here.

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