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Authentic, Romantic Rice Paddies & Sunset Cycling Tour in Bali - A non-tourist experience of tru

Authentic, Romantic Rice Paddies Cycling Tour in Bali

Before traveling to Bali I watched the movie Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts specifically to see the Bali scenes that I knew would get me excited about where we were heading to. One scene in particular that stuck with me is where the main character cycles along a path with rice paddies in the background. She was surrounded by such luscious green natural beauty and the wind blowing in her hair - watching this, it very quickly became a little dream of mine. One fine day in Bali, the hotel staff informed me that it was already too late in the day to book a cycling tour or drive to the rice paddies which wasn’t close to us and I feared we missed out because I didn’t book any activities ahead of time.

Our Bali driver Made saved the day when he suggested that he could borrow some bikes and guide us through the rice fields close to his house.

I was absolutely blown away that this beautiful, kind person (who essentially was still a stranger to us) would go out of his way to make our dream come true. It’s not often that you find a service provider that thinks out of the box or goes the extra mile to assist you.

Made drove us into his hometown where there were no tourists in sight and we pulled into the driveway of his house. As it wasn’t a tourist area, I did question how safe it would be but we were greeted with friendly faces and felt we were in good hands the entire time.

Here we were, surrounded by true Balinese culture - for starters, we had access to viewing a real Balinese home and seeing how the locals live.

Beautiful details of a Bali local's home that tourists wouldn't typically get a chance to see.

Made organised 3 bikes and soon lead us to follow him through the streets of his suburb - a place I would never have discovered if it wasn’t for him.


It was so much fun cycling through the paths, waving and greeting some of the locals walking by. We followed Made into fields with interesting sand paths and beautiful tree overhangs where we could stop for a kiss!

Romantic Cycling Tour, Bali, Ubud

StartFragmentWe parked our bikes just off the dirt road and walked among the rice paddies, holding hands and watching the sunset glowing on the field of greens. Made took the initiative to capture these moments for us on camera. EndFragment

Romantic Cycling Activity, Ubud, Bali

StartFragmentThe sun started setting in the most spectacular display of colors - the scene was absolutely breathtaking and in the moment, we really couldn’t believe our luck for having this unique experience. The air was fresh and cool, the view just out of this world.


Before dark, Made lead us back to his house - all the way back my heart was just filled with gratitude for what we just had the privilege of experiencing together.

Was it not for Made’s kindness and initiative, we wouldn’t have had this experience - no other tourists had done this exact tour before. I asked Made if he would be able to offer this same tour to members of our community and I have some wonderful news for our readers! This exact tour is now EXCLUSIVELY available to members of Romantic Explorers for US $100 per couple (it's FREE to become a member, join here). The price includes hotel pickup and drop off at your hotel (limited to hotels situated in the South of Bali such as Ubud, Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua) and the sunset cycling tour runs from 4pm to 6.30pm. To book your own authentic and dreamy sunset cycling tour, email us.

Romantic Sunset Tour, Ubud, Bali

Additional tips for this romantic activity:

  • To turn the romance up a notch, pack your own picnic blanket, some snacks and drinks (or a bubbly!) to enjoy while sitting in the field and admiring the views.

  • Bring your camera - Made is happy to capture the moments for you so you can focus on taking in all that the experience has to offer.

Unique romantic activity in Ubud Bali - Sunset Cycling

Quick Look: Why do this tour?

  • Experience an authentic tour like few people ever have and will with your significant other

  • Be blown away with a romantic sunset view you can’t imagine

  • Support a good-hearted Bali local and reward a service provider that go out of their way for his customers

  • Great value for money - there’s not many utterly romantic activities that last longer than 2 hours for only US $100 per couple.

  • Enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Romantic Explorers community (Join here if you haven’t already - it’s free).

  • Photographer on hand - it’s so hard to get good photos that include both you and your partner enjoying an activity together - this tour has it!

Here’s wishing you get to experience this wonderful romantic tour! If you do, we’d love for you to share your photos in the Romantic Explorers community, see you there :)

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